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Andrew Freeman, President, Andrew Freeman & Co.,Hotel Business and Catering Consultant, San Francisco, California
Marketta Fourmeaux, Proprietor/Producer, Château Potelle Winery, Napa, California
One of the first women actively engaged in the management of a California vineyard, Marketta and her former husband, Jean-Noel Fourmeaux, developed Château Potelle and a second vineyard at Paso Robles into top labels in the field of Zinfandel.
Andy Griffin, Mariquita Farm, Watsonville, California
A fervent supporter of organic agriculture, which he has been practicing on his own farm since 1997, Griffin specializes in the cultivation of rare and diverse varieties of herbs. He is the supplier to the top chefs of the region.
Liz Johannesen, OpenTable.com, San Francisco, California
Senior Manager of Restaurant Marketing for OpenTable.com, Ms. Johannsen is an expert in the technological systems that provide restaurants with on-line reservations and with the statistics that inform them of the impact from guides and from local references.

Julie Johnson, Tres Sabores Winery, Napa Valley, California
Creator of the Tres Sabores label, a wine certified as organically grown by CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) since early 1991, a frequent participant in all California wine events, and a forceful supporter of organic farming.

Emmanuel Kemiji, Master Sommelier and Proprietor of Miura Vineyards, Santa Rosa, California. The former sommelier of the Ritz Carlton Dining Room in San Francisco, Kemiji, in the space of several years, has created a label recognized as among the greatest.

Kate Mascaro, Flammarion, Paris, France
A New Yorker transplanted to Paris, Mascaro is managing editor of Flammarion’s illustrated books in English and German and a specialist in its cookbook division. Attests to the increased influence of international publishing.

Mary McKee
, Managing Director of On-Board Products, American Airlines
From her experience as the buyer for an international organization, Mary McKee will speak about tastes and trends today.
Jean-Claude Persais, Vice President of Operations, Development of the Restaurant Aqua, San Francisco, California
Gilles Pudlowski, Le Point magazine and Guide Pudlo, Paris, France
Mr. Pudlowski is a journalist, literary and gastronomic critic, as well as the author of the gastronomic Guide Pudlo.

Professor Pierre-Louis Teissedre, Professor of Chemistry, Faculty of Oenology, University of Bordeaux, France
A specialist in phenology, Prof. Teissedre will discuss the effects of climate on plant life. Prof. Teissedre, himself a vintner, will chat about his personal observations concerning wine tasting and the felicitous pairing of wine and food.
Tom Worthington, Monterey Fish Market, San Francisco, California
Co-founder of the Monterey Fish Market, an authority on the commercial exploitation of quality products while strictly respecting the regeneration laws on marine life; author of Sustainable Fisheries Guide, published by the Monterey Fish Market, a guide to fishing techniques and their impact on marine life.


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