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Chefs and faculty

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 Gastronomy Events was pleased and honored to have had the participation, attendance, and active support of leading chefs from around the world.
Léa Linster  , Restaurant Léa Linster and Bocuse d’Or 1989, Luxembourg
Léa Linster is from Luxembourg. She grew up in a family of pastry cooks and gastronomes where she nurtured the love of cooking very early on. She took over the family tavern at her father’s death and she opened in 1982 her first restaurant simply called "Léa Linster". The Michelin guide rewarded her in 1987 with her first Star, which she has kept up to nowadays. Then she opened in 1991 an excellent restaurant of Luxembourg specialties. Léa Linster is famous around the world to be the creator of a refined, elegant and unpretentious cooking. She is one of the greatest Chefs in the world. She is the first and only woman to get a Bocuse d’Or award (1989).



Sang-Hoon Degeimbre , L’Air du Temps, Noville sur Mehaigne
Sang Hoon Degeimbre’s career is very eclectic : he started out as a butcher and became a sommelier, which served him well to train his taste buds. This passion for studying combinations and flavors inspired him strongly to engage in a career as a Chef. He opened his restaurant "L’Air du Temps" in 1997 in Noville sur Mehaigne, near Namur, Belgium. Sang Hoon Degeimbre is as one of the specialists of modern-day molecular cuisine. He breaks the shapes to rebuild other ones, plays with flavors, materials and temperatures. For that he uses several techniques such as low temperature roasting or liquid nitrogen and ultrasounds. The Michelin guide rewarded him with a first Star in 2001. He obtained his second Star in 2008.



Guillaume Gomez, MOF and Executive Chef of Palais de l’Elysée
Guillaume Gomez is the youngest Chef to receive the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) Award. He began his career with Chef Jacques Le Divellec in Paris. He joined the brigade at t(he French Presidential Palace “L’Elysée” in 1997 where he works as Sous Chef until 2004 when he gets promoted to Deputy Executive Chef.
Guillaume Gomez has a distinctive good nature which reflects in his cuisine and the many accolades and Awards he has received to date among which the MOF distinction and Winner of the International Young Chef Cooking Competition (EGAST Trophy).








Jean-Paul Jeunet  , Restaurant J.-P. Jeunet, Arbois 
 Jean-Paul Jeunet is Executive Chef of the restaurant under his name in Arbois, France (** Michelin), and President of the “French Chapter of the Chefs Irish Beef Club”. His cuisine is inspired by the terroir and traditions around his region, l’Arbois. Before opening his restaurant, he worked at La Réserve in Beaulieu, at Restaurant Troisgros in Roanne, at the Ritz and at La Marée in Paris. He then offered professional trainings at Jean Millet and Gaston Lenôtre, the two great pastry masters and finally at Mr Cousseau’s Relais de la Poste in Magescq and with Alain Chapel.


  Yves Mattagne  , Sea Grill, Brussels 
 Yves Mattagne (°1963) started his career in the various kitchens of the Hilton International Hotel Brussels. Having worked for three years, he then moved on to the Hilton International Gatwick for 2 years where he became Chef for their gastronomic restaurant. When he returned to Belgium he assisted the famous Belgian chef, M. Beyls at the "l’Orangerie". A new step in his Gastronomic career was his training at the Restaurant "Le Divellec" in Paris for 8 months, for the purpose of becoming Chef of the Sea Grill Restaurant, in the Radisson SAS Hotel in Brussels (open since January 1990). He is part of the most dynamic Chefs of the culinary world. He took part to the creation of a lot of restaurants over the world : “The Avenue” at the Peninsula Hotel of Chicago, the Santenay’s Casino Restaurant, the Restaurant « Fischers Fritz » at the Regent Hotel of Berlin (* Michelin), the « Barsu » at the Sheraton Hotel of Bangkok, the Restaurant « Enjoy » at the BMW European Lobby Center of Bruxelles, « L’Océan » at the Radisson SAS Palace Hotel of Bordeaux in 2007, the Lan Club of Shanghaï and the « Super Ganbei » at the UCCA of Beijing in August 2008. He obtained a lot of awards, ones of whom were a first Michelin Star in 1991 and a second in 1997 for his work at the Sea Grill.









Jacques Pourcel  , Le Jardin des Sens, Montpellier
The Pourcel brothers were born in Montpellier ( Southern France) and have early a passion for Mediterranean cuisine. Their mother shows them how to cook, but French great Chefs like Bras, Meneau, Gagnaire, Chapel and Trama help them to develop their talent and their creation. Jacques and Laurent Pourcel’s cuisine is full of Mediterranean flavors and colors. They work a lot about warm-cold, savoury-sweet and bitter-sweet contrasts. They open in 1988 along with their friend Olivier Château the restaurant Le Jardin des Sens in Montpellier and the Michelin rewarded them in 1998 with a third star. They decide in 2000 to extend their work internationally by setting up other restaurants in several towns ( Bangkok, Tokyo, Genève, Marrakech…). They develop a brasserie concept under the name La Compagnie des Comptoirs too, which knows a great success.
Their desire to diversify and innovate has led them beyond restaurants, to cookery books (Transparence en Duo), chic-snacking’ fast food with the opening of the Bar Sens at the Eastwest Hotel in Geneva, a cookering workshop, and bar lounges...They do not claim to belong to any particular school, and enjoy sharing their passion for food with others.





Michel Roth  , Hôtel Ritz, Paris
Michel Roth had a passion for cooking very early. Originally from Moselle (France), he began his apprenticeship at L’Auberge de la Charrue d’Or in Sarreguemines and then he worked within best French restaurants : Le Crocodile, L’Auberge de l’Ill, Ledoyen... and the "Ritz" in 1981. He stayed there 19 years at Guy Legay’s side and rose through all the ranks. He worked then at Lasserre in 2000 but decided to come back to the Ritz in 2001 where he was promoted to Executive Chef, in charge of a 80-staff kitchen brigade. He has overall responsability the Restaurant L’Espadon, the Bar Vendôme, 24 hour-room service and the Private Salons. His cooking is famous all over the world for its refinement, its creativity, its richness in tastes and colors. Michel Roth was rewarded in 1991, with the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France and the Bocuse d’Or award. He was rewarded with his second Michelin Star in 2009.


  Damian Sansonetti  , Bar Boulud, New York
Sansonetti began his career in 1997 in Nantucket at the Myriad Restaurant Group’s Brant Point Grill. Then the group moved to New-York, he followed it to assist in the opening of Heartbeat in the W Hotel. He meets Daniel Boulud while working as Chef de Cuisine at Shallots. He accepts a position at the famous Daniel Boulud’s DB Bistro Moderne in 2003 and assumes the role of Sous Chef under Jean-François Bruel in 2007 in an other Boulud’s restaurant : DANIEL. Daniel Boulud and Damian Sansonetti share the same passion for the slowly cooking meats and poultry in order to extract the best flavors. He is working nowadays at the new Bar Boulud of New York, where his coq au vin and his navarin d’agneau are part of the specialties of the place.








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